The Clubmaster App is active and members can now download the App on their phones. Follow the steps below to install the App. Members can then book their golf games via the App up to 14 days in advance. Members can also load money on their App wallet and receive discount when paying for beverages in the bar. To load money onto your wallet, you can use your bank card or cash.. Please ask the barman or the Pro Shop to load the chosen amount on your wallet and receive 10% discount on beverages purchased in the bar.

  • For Android phones, go to the Google Play Store and search for Clubmaster. The Clubmaster Member Portal APP will be displayed in the list of available APPS. Click on the APP link on the screen to be directed to the install section.

For Apple devices go to the APP store and search for Clubmaster

  • Click on the Install button
  • Click on the Open Button
  • The first time the APP opens it will ask you for permission to use your mobile device’s camera. This feature is only to scan pictures of QR codes to settle purchases to your account. In no way do we access your private photos or videos on your phone. The scanned QR codes are also not saved on your device.
  • Click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the APP screen to open the menu options screen.
    • Select Get Password
    • Choose the golf club where you are a member and also type your SA ID Number or Passport number that the club has on record for you. Click on Send Me My Password. The system will show you where your password will be sent to. Go to your e-mail program to retrieve your password for the APP. If your ID or Passport number is correct, you will receive a message that the mail with your password was sent. If your details were wrong, you will get a message indicating “No Such member exist”. If you receive this message you have to contact your club to update your ID number / Passport number on their side. Once done you can retrieve your password again.
      • Click on the hamburger menu in the top left corner of your mobile device to open the Menu Screen
      • Click on “Link Your Club Portal” On the link screen you select your golf club, enter your ID number as well as the password that was mailed to you.
      • Click on register to complete your registration. A message will confirm your registration. If any of the particulars you provided were incorrect, a message “could not retrieve member data” will be displayed

Congratulations. You have now registered your APP and are ready to explore and use all the added functionality that the APP provides club members.